2012: Search and Movie Advertising

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

One of the previews before Quantum of Solace this weekend was for 2012. It was a good teaser of a surreal apocalyptic scene, but what struck me was their Internet tie-in. Where many movies have scrambled to find a domain, or setup shop on studio or social networking sites, they simply offered “Google Search: 2012″.

That seemed to be a pretty bold claim of their search engine prowess, since even casual SEO gurus like myself will write blog entries just to see if we can bump them :) Yet none of the first page results are an official movie site; they seem to be leaving it to the existing pages to build buzz with speculation on what will happen in 2012. (The political pundits must still be hungover; there weren’t any partisan predictions, either.)

Will it work? Would you go see a movie based on the strength of apocalyptic Internet speculation?

Ethics and the $500 Blog Entry

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Last week I received an unusual offer: $500 to remove a blog entry that a company didn’t like customers seeing in search results for their name.

Don't tread on meIt gave me a brief pause, but was a pretty quick decision: I simply felt it was unethical to take payment in exchange for my right to free speech. One of the nice things about this being my personal blog is that only that argument mattered, with no trade-off against management, advertiser, or investor considerations. If I have one goal here, it’s to share information of interest to the audience, however small it might be.


SEO Haiku

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

You’ve climbed to the top of Google, or at least to the first page. Now how do you make sure you get that click through to your site?

Quick, describe your site in 155 characters or less - that’s how much of your meta description is going to be displayed below your (already optimized) site title. Here’s what I came up with:

Nature, sports, & event photographer for hire in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. Blogs on the intersection of technology & modern life.

In Wordpress, you can set this in Admin > Settings > Description. In Gallery2, it will be the description of your album, which you can override in the theme if needed. Google may take a week or two to reflect the changes.