KickApps REST API Library for C# .NET

By Matthew Botos

Kick-start your custom KickApps integration with this easy-to-use implementation of the KickApps REST API Library for C# .NET CLR. This library saves you significant time and money by providing a fully-tested interface to the KickApps REST API that can be natively called from any .NET CLR website, application, or service.

The library currently provides the following functions:

User Management & Authentication

  • Single Sign On (SSO) as an existing user or administrator
  • Create new user
  • Update an existing user
  • Retrieve user or administrator token for later requests

Media & Ratings

  • Add external media
  • Rate media
  • Retrieve user rating
  • Retrieve overall rating


  • Retrieve current user points
  • Add user points

Each function is provided along with an example executable NUnit test to serve as a reference guide for your own implementation. Multi-level logging is provided using the log4net framework and can be adjusted to as appropriate level for development, test, and production environments. All required testing and logging library dependencies are included.

The .NET KickApps REST API Library is licensed at $299 USD per production affiliate site; there are no additional charges for development or test use. Purchase below and you will receive a download link via email:

To request additional library features or for a custom development quote, please contact me.

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