About Me

By Matthew Botos

My passions are photography and technology, though I also love to get out mountain biking and snowboarding.

Professionally, I make a very comfortable living writing custom software for a growing pharmaceutical company. Before that, I wrote software for a large aerospace company and actually started off as a rocket scientist! The coolest things I’ve built in my career are simulations of operational satellites and a enterprise social networking suite with a custom Google search layer. My personal projects run the gamut from Firefox hacks to tweaking WordPress and Gallery2 for the iPhone.

I also run a side business in photography, selling prints directly and taking the occasional assignment. I like to shoot a bit of everything, but find that my most enjoyable and profitable work has been snowboarding trips and mountain bike racing.

As for book smarts and expensive pieces of paper, I earned a Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Cornell and a Master’s in systems engineering from Penn state. Lately, I just read a lot of technical and business literature, both online and off, and occasionally blog about it.

I grew up in Maryland and New Jersey, lived in California for a while, and now live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My travels have taken me far, though there are many places I’d still like to see. At the moment I’m single and living with just my cat, Meadow.

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