Tethered Shooting Teaches Patience

Hard light: Sidelights at 6ft (580 at 1/64, 26 at 1/16), levels in ApertureMy last post on tethered shooting with my Canon Rebel XTi and Aperture left me a bit disappointed, but using the setup for some self-portraits last week gave me a different perspective.

I read a lot of great photographic and lighting ideas, but tend not to implement them with the same disciplined, thought-out steps. Each digital shot is so close to free that shooting often devolves into just rapid trial and error. Waiting 4-5 seconds for each image to be transferred and loaded increases that cost and builds in a bit of time to think about what to do next. Much like pre-planning and pre-visualizing shots, I found that investment of thinking time really improves my photos.

There are other benefits as well: it makes self-portraits much easier to execute, you get full-screen feedback on focus and lighting, and you can capture notes on settings directly into the photo’s metadata.

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