Limited Warranties That Actually Deliver

My trust of warranties has long evaporated to a mandate of caveat emptor; many have shrunk to just under the statistical breaking point in reliability & obsolescence and things are so tightly integrated or poorly constructed that repairs are a losing proposition. With that mindset, I was happy to have been proven wrong on a few occasions recently.

As luck would have it, I broke both of my pairs of glasses in one weekend. First, my Rudy Project sunglasses, which have survived almost three years of harrowing mountain biking, fell from their perch atop my head on Saturday and broke where the temple attaches to the frame.

I went to their website to email them about buying replacement parts and was surprised to find a three year frame warranty that actually still covered my glasses, for a $20 fee. They also have a great lens replacement guarantee; $20 gets you $50 replacement lenses if yours become scratched. The turnaround was fantastic: 15 days door-to-door, including shipping time, got me a completely new frame and two sets of lenses for just $40! You can bet Rudy will be at the top of my list next time I’m looking for sport glasses.

My everyday glasses were defeated after four years by an overly-friendly dog, who managed to chip the supposedly high-strength polycarbonate lenses where they attach to the frame. Sterling Optical in the mall is the one local place that grinds and drills them same day, and I haven’t been overly impressed by them in the past. But after I showed them the damage and asked about warranty coverage for my eight-month old lenses, they ground me a replacement the same day, free of charge.

It’s been a very nice change from the typical “throw it away and take out your wallet” experiences I’ve had with most other items, and goes a long way towards forging customer loyalty.

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